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We are kind, we are safe, we are responsible.

The 2022-2023 school year marks the start of my fourth year as the principal of Brewer Island and my 17th year as a school administrator. My professional journey as an educator began 23 years ago as an elementary music teacher in the state of Massachusetts and then led to Texas, Pennsylvania, and now California. 

We begin the year with an enrollment of 376 students, similar to last school year.  Our students are active participants in learning.  The BIES student council ensures that students' voices are an integral part of decision-making. 

Our work is guided by the following district goals as outlined in the SMFCSD Stategic Plan.

Goal 1: Create learning opportunities for ALL Pre-K through 8th students resulting in closing the achievement gap and culminating in personal and academic success in high school and beyond.
Goal 2: Reduce inequitable outcomes for ALL students and staff by prioritizing equity, access, & inclusion.
Goal 3: Provide a safe, caring, nurturing, and culturally responsive environment for ALL students to meet the
needs of the whole child.

The staff at BIES is dedicated and committed to helping our students have a successful school year in a safe and positive learning environment.  We value the active support of our parents/guardians and the entire school community to ensure a whole-child approach to learning and growth.

In partnership,

Becky Stephan, Ed.D.